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Welcome to this site dedicated to the cheapest ways to travel Europe. Traveling through Europe can be one of the most exciting adventures that any traveler can embark on but, it could turn out to be the most expensive. Planning as well as budgeting are the single two most important things you could do to ensure your vacation is a success.  Finding the perfect accommodations at the right price or trying to factor in transportation costs could turn out to be one of the exhausting things you could do during your planning. Over the years, I took notice of this and decided to create a website with information that would help each and every one who is planning a European vacation. You’ll find nothing for sale here, everything is FREE. All you’ll find is excellent information that I have compiled over my years of traveling.  So let's take a look at how you could find the cheapest ways to travel Europe.

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List Of The Cheapest Ways To Travel Europe


Find cheap accommodations in Europe

On your quest to find the cheapest ways to travel Europe it should be noted that accommodations often account for half of your travel costs and sometimes more. Depending on when and where you travel have a huge impact on how much you’ll pay for accommodations. Traveling to the East is far less expensive than the Western part of Europe. Traveling during the off season such as winter months will also save you money rather than traveling during the summer months. These are all the factors that play into how much you’ll pay. From camping all the way to hotels, you’ll have to decide which is right for you. Below, I have created a list of accommodations that you could choose from in Euro.

Accommodations Options

Couchsurfing (FREE)

Couchsurfing is comprised of people from all over the world who have volunteered their homes for travelers to stay in for free. You can find the country you will want to travel to and then find a family who has a room



Camping is one by far one of the cheapest ways to stay in Europe. Camping allows you to stay on someone’s land for little or nothing at all depending on where you plan to camp. Camping the east, you’ll find some free campsites while on the west, they’re hard to come by. The only thing about camping that is not so good is the fact that most camp sites are located a little way from major cities.

Website: Camping Booking And Site Information


Hostels are one of the more popular cheap was to travel Europe. Hostels come in all shapes and sizes. You can rent a bed in a dorm room for as little as 12 Euro a night or you could rent a private room for a little bit more. Some hostels in Europe have curfews while others, like backpacker hostels don’t and with both, you’ll have to share a bathroom with a lot of other people. Other than that, hostels are an absolute great way to stay in Europe.

 If you plan on booking a hostel, visit Hostel World to find some great deals. I have used this site and found some great hostels throughout Europe for really great prices. 

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Getting Around Europe By Air And Rail


Traveling by air is a very efficient and one of the cheapest ways to travel Europe. Often time's, many are not aware of how much money you could save by using one of the few budget airlines that operate throughout Europe. You could book flights from as low as 2 Euro and taxes on the ticket often cost more than the ticket itself. Different airlines fly to different places so if you find that one does not fly to your destination of choice, try the other. Below, you’ll find a short review of two of the most popular budget airlines in Europe.

German Wings

German Wings is another low cost operating airline company that provides cheap airfare to the most sought after destinations. Operating on the same principles of Ryan Air, German wings offer the same amount of destinations with low airfare rates. It is important to note that German Wings travels to some different destinations as well.

For more info, visit

Ryan Air

Ryan Air is one of the top airline companies that provide discount airfare to the most sought after destinations.  Ryan Air is a rather large low operating company that provides you with the basics of airline travel. Food and drinks are served on the aircraft but a high cost. It's a good idea to pack food and bring it with you on the aircraft before you plan to depart. Flights can be booked for as little as 1 Euro depending on the time of the season and where you planning to travel to.

For more information visit

Rail Travel

Train travel offers tourist the means to see Europe from the comfort of a rail car.For travelers from the U.S and abroad, Euro passes and other types of cards are offered through many of top European rail companies. These passes allow you to see many destinations during a set time and are far more cost effective than buying a ticket from one destination to another.

Website: Eurail

Getting Around Locally

Rent A Car

Renting a car is good for those who plan on using the vehicle for a limited time. Prices range greatly from the type of car to the time of the season.  Most countries require drivers to be at least 21 years old to rent a car, some want you to be 25, and a tax of 10-25% will be added on the vehicle. Be sure to read and understand your contract thoroughly to understand how many kilometers you can drive and what your insurance covers.

 Local Bus

The buses in most European countries run fairly efficiently. You can expect to pay anywhere from 1 euro and up depending on where you plan to travel to. It’s a great way to get around from city to city and you have the peace of mind that you will arrive at your destination.

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 I would like to thank you for reading this cheapest ways to travel Europe guide. Please be sure to visit more pages to find information how to travel through Europe most popular destinations cheap and in style.

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